Uncommon Uses for Dry Ice

While dry ice is typically used for purposes such as food preservation, it’s worth remembering that its uses remain incredibly versatile. Beyond perishables, let’s delve into a few other creative ways you can use it.

We’ll begin with one of nature’s pesky yet important creations: mosquitoes. If you know anything about them, then you know female mosquitoes are drawn to the scent of CO2, also known as carbon dioxide, and also known as the gas humans exhale. Hence, if you want to decrease the odds of being bitten by a mosquito, you may wish to look into safely placing dry ice somewhere to act as something of a decoy.

Does your vehicle have minor dents where the sheet metal is not bent? You may be able to use dry ice to fix it. Use a blow dryer to warm up the dent, and then place a bit of dry ice over the dent for a couple of minutes. The rapid cooling will force the dent to pop back into place. Do be careful as using excess dry ice may cause paint scratching.

Again, always make sure you’re handling dry ice with the utmost and proper safety measures and precautions.

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