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Fun Facts Regarding Carbonated Drinks

The science of CO2-grade carbonating drinks isn’t difficult to understand: upon dissolving in liquid water, carbon dioxide gas can create bubbles as long as it remains under pressure. Remove the top off of the bottle, however, and it’ll eventually become “flat”. Upon being opened, the carbon dioxide gas reacts with water to form carbonic acid, giving the drink a bit of acidity. When carbonation bubbles waft into the nose of the person drinking the beverage, it also strengthens the drink’s tastes, while bubbles in the mouth produce a pleasing feeling on the tongue.

The sum of carbon in the air and in water is in equilibrium within a closed container. Once the bottle is opened it disrupts this balance, with the liquid holding more CO2 than the air surrounding it. To maintain equilibrium, the dissolved carbon dioxide must escape into the atmosphere through growing bubbles directly through the surface of the liquid. Once much of the gas is expelled, the solution becomes smooth and enters a new equilibrium.

How quickly carbon dioxide escapes is essentially dictated by the degree of the surface area in which the drink is stored: a glass with a wide mouth, for example, can lose CO2 gas faster than a small bottle or champagne flute.

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