Co2 Tank Sizes Chart

Co2 Tank Sizes

A Co2 tank is used to store liquid and gaseous carbon dioxide. Finding the appropriate Co2 tank for your home’s brewing needs careful selection. You must consider portability, efficiency, and space to make an informed decision. 

At VS Carbonics we offer Co2 tanks ranging from 5 to 50 pounds. The regulated and high-pressure gauges on the cylinder help you know the amount of Co2 in the tank.

Common Uses and Benefits of Co2

Co2 is created naturally and is suitable for a variety of commercial uses. It is utilized in various industries, including food and beverage, such as carbonated beverages, welding, water treatment, plant nurseries, nightclubs, and entertainment venues. It is also instrumental in medical-related businesses. It is mainly used to freeze, store, and pressurize products to preserve and extend their shelf life.

What are Co2 Tanks Made Out Of?

A Co2 material influences its cost, explaining the variation in prices of Co2 tanks. Typically, Co2 tanks are fabricated from steel or aluminum. The majority of aluminum tanks accommodate 5-20 lb cylinders. However, large cylinders used for business purposes are made of steel. This allows the cylinders to be used again in commercial environments, especially in rented spaces.

Steel cylinders are readily available at various gas suppliers. As a result, they are common in commercial developments, especially those thriving in rented spaces. This provides business owners with the utmost convenience and reduces the cost of fabricating and setting up a gas processing plant to fill the cylinders. 

What Sizes Do Co2 Tanks Come In?

When selecting a Co2 tank, one of the initial considerations is the required capacity. There is a vast range of Co2 tank sizes, from those that are extremely small and compact to those that are enormous and nearly hard to lift.

Here are some of the most common sizes of Co2 tanks and Co2 bottles available for home brewing. In brackets are the Co2 tank dimensions to give you an idea of the Co2 cylinder size and whether it will fit in the desired location:

  • 5-pound cylinder (5¼”W x 17½”H)
  • 10-pound cylinder (6⅞”W x 20”H)
  • 20-pound cylinder (8”W x 27½”H)
  • 50-pound cylinder (8”W x 43”H)

You do not need to purchase a new Co2 tank every time the old one runs dry. Instead, you can refill your tank.

What Size Co2 Tank Should I Get?

It is vital to consider the number of kegs that must be dispensed when determining the size of the Co2 tank. A 5-pound Co2 tank lasts between six and eight half barrels or full kegs before refilling. A 10-lb Co2 tank dispenses 10-13 full kegs every fill.

This figure can be high or low depending on how frequently you use your kegerator, the quantity of carbonation, and the balance of your system.

Where to Get Beverage Grade Co2 Cylinders?

Hundreds of point-of-use beverage dispensers today consume beverage-grade Co2 delivered in cylinders with various capacity options. VS Carbonics has an excellent reputation for providing quality beverage CO2. Acquiring your cylinders from VS Carbonics significantly influences your products’ flavor, carbonation, and freshness.

We have the experience and skills to offer your medical-related business Co2 at any ratio you choose. We consider the capacity and Co2 use in your business and advise you accordingly on the capacity you should take. 

Work with the Best Co2 Supplier in Florida Today

VS Carbonics is your trusted Co2 tank dealer; our reputation speaks for itself. Our Co2 tanks are available in various capacities from 5 pounds. Contact us to book a free consultation or place an order for Co2 services and supplies.

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