The Versatility of Liquid Nitrogen

Last time we told you a little more about Co2. Today, we’re shedding some light on another one of our products: liquid nitrogen.

Liquid nitrogen is an inert cryogenic and is stored in containers known as Dewars. The chemical symbol is N, and the atomic number is seven. Liquid nitrogen is commonly used for culinary purposes such as making the cocktails with the smoke, and the making of the popular liquid nitrogen ice cream. Nitrogen ice cream is distinct from traditional ice cream, as the smaller molecules of nitrogen result in a texture many would deem creamier.

Cryotherapy commonly relies on liquid nitrogen. The therapy typically involves a patient entering a chamber which is then filled for about three minutes with nitrogen gas. This step is aimed at replacing the classic “cold baths” that have been relied on by athletes in the past. Cryotherapy chambers help speed up the healing cycle in the body and relieve inflamed joints, they cut down on cellulite, they result in skin tightening, and so much more.

Liquid nitrogen has a broad variety of uses from commercial to medical to culinary. Nitrogen gas accounts for nearly eighty percent of our atmosphere, which can quickly be collected and shipped anywhere.

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