The Versatility of Dry Ice

Next up on the list of products we’d like to highlight is another favorite we briefly discussed in the past: dry ice. Dry ice is carbon dioxide in its solid form. It does not have any distinct color and it is incredibly versatile, often used for things like preserving food, ice blasting, or shipping items that need to remain cold. It’s also used for creative purposes such as making cocktails that “smoke”.

With its preservation qualities, dry ice is often used in a rich array of industries. Besides food preservation, it can also be used in the healthcare industry to keep samples fresh. For the construction industry, it is useful in breaking down tile or linoleum. For shows or nightlife, it’s often used for aesthetic purposes, such as creating fog effects.

Dry ice can be supplied in considerably large chunks, ensuring that whatever you need to keep cool or preserved can remain so for several hours. As a leading dry ice supplier in Florida, we’re ready to provide it for your business or future event.

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