Raising Awareness with World Refrigeration Day

Later this month, the world will once again recognize World Refrigeration Day. This global awareness campaign is aimed at boosting the profile of assorted industries beyond cooling and focuses attention on the important role the industry and its technology contribute to life and society. It’s designed to concentrate the focus on the amazing engineering and technology that we are exposed to on a daily basis. Cooling is at the very core of contemporary life. It allows people to live comfortably while creating new opportunities and possibilities.

For example, thanks to modern cooling technologies, food can be delivered in conditions that are hygienically safe while maintaining the utmost freshness. In our case, our product range includes dry ice, which facilitates shipping items such as food that need to remain cold. Furthermore, our liquid nitrogen is used to create edible products such as ice cream enjoyed by consumers.

If you are in need of dry ice, liquid nitrogen, or other CO2 products for your business, please contact us today.

World Refrigeration Day will be recognized on June 26.

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