Nitrogen-Filled Tires? Nitrogen Is Seeing Wider Adoptions

Tires are typically inflated using air, but could nitrogen become the new norm? According to one article, nitrogen is indeed becoming the new way to pump up tires.

Pumping tires with nitrogen isn’t as new as you may think. The practice is commonly done with vehicles used in NASCAR and Formula One races. It’s also used by NASA as well as military aircrafts. Furthermore, the bicycles used during the popular Tour de France race also make use of nitrogen.

Knowing that nitrogen isn’t all that uncommon, it’s worth exploring why it has yet to gain wider adoption. In the past, using nitrogen was known for its significant cost and it was necessary to buy the gas in its liquid form. Hence, the availability was causing something of a roadblock.

Nitrogen is environmentally-friendly and can burn for more than two decades if it’s properly maintained. When used for purposes such as vehicles, it can improve tire performance as well as extend the life of the tire. Furthermore, using nitrogen reduces the chances of the tire expanding as a result of heat.

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