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Nitrogen Gas in Ice Cream

Nitrogen gas has become very popular in the food industry over the years. It increases the shelf life of fresh products and helps preserve the quality and nutrients in food. We’ve seen nitrogen gas in many industries such as the coffee industry and the beer industry. Today, we can also find nitrogen gas in ice cream!

Who doesn’t love a bowl of ice cream?! Nitrogen in ice cream has some big advantages. When making ice cream with nitrogen it prevents large ice crystals from forming, allowing for the ice cream to be smooth, creamy, and seamlessly textured. Another benefit nitrogen ice cream has when it comes to ice cream is that it’s faster. While freezing the ice cream quicker, it does not hinder its texture.

The secret to how this creamy concoction is made is how rapidly you freeze the mixture. The nitrogen leads to the water and fat to stay small, permitting the ice cream to be smooth and rich in flavor.

Since the amusing dessert is made in a matter of seconds, it allows customers to customize their ice cream, and watch it be made right in front of them! Just like regular ice cream, the customer can proceed to add toppings and choose to enjoy it off a cone or cup!

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