Nitro vs CO2 in Beer

The debate is on between CO2 and Nitro beers. Brewers are getting more inventive with their bottling and kegging, and many are experimenting with nitro to produce a variety of different tastes and textures. If you haven’t been paying attention, now is the time to start reading up on the different effects each gas has on your beer products.


CO2 has long been used as the simplest way of carbonating beer. CO2 is easy to use because it can be produced by the beer itself with just a little bit of priming sugar. However, CO2 in Miami is also readily available and easy to force into a bottle for precise carbonation. CO2 is a colorless gas that fills the beer with large bubbles and gives it just a bit of zing when it first touches your tongue. CO2 gives the beer more body and keeps it from having a flat, dull flavor.


Nitro beers are becoming a modern phenomenon, despite the fact that some companies have been using nitrogen in their beers for quite a long time. The first thing you need to know is that nitrogen beers also use a small amount of CO2 in the mix. Companies have played around with the perfect nitro to CO2 ratio, but most have settled around 30% CO2 as the golden rule. Nitro gives beers a little bit less of a bitter taste, and it creates much smaller bubbles within the liquid. The result is that the beer feels much smoother and creamier as you drink it. You don’t feel the overwhelming fizz of big bubbles like you do with straight CO2. Many people have come to appreciate the texture of nitro beers over traditional CO2 options for this reason. Nitro is often chosen by craft brewers who are experimenting with unique flavors because it does not have the same bitterness effect.

If you are still on the fence between using CO2 or Nitrogen for your Miami based brewing needs, we encourage you to call us today and speak to one of our experts. We can go through the differences in greater detail and even create custom blends. The best way to see the difference between CO2 and Nitro beers is to test them side by side so you can compare them in person. Once you’ve have decided which gas blend is right for you, we can set up your first delivery in no time with our local Miami CO2 and Liquid Nitrogen distribution team so you can get down to brewing and bottling.