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Product-Cylinder-SalesMicrobulk is simply a small, bulk storage device that removes the need for high-pressure or liquid cylinders with a low-pressure, on-site filled storage tank. It is close to having a tank-free delivery to swap out and there is no downtime.

MicroBulk tanks ensure secure on-site storage of cryogenic liquids to improve protection, quality, and productivity in operations. For applications as varied as food processing and freezing, high-pressure laser cutting, welding, specimen storage, and laboratory use, the substance may be used as a liquid or a gas.

VS Carbonics bulk and microbulk distribution systems will provide secure, continuous gas and liquid supply to meet your business needs. Our bulk supply systems installed at your site remove the need for high-pressure cylinders and reduce handling and changeouts while complying with relevant federal, state, and local safety standards. Our bulk supply systems come in a wide range of sizes to suit the needs of many applications.

Microbulk solutions are suitable for industries with rising industrial gas demands. Converting from cylinder supply to microbulk supply would simplify the operations by reducing the requirements for gas handling, removing worries about missing or damaged cylinders, and improving financial benefits due to reduced residual loss.

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