Keeping Food Cold in an Outage

Hurricane season is here which means there may be greater odds of a major storm knocking power out. As we all know, when the power goes out there is a greater risk of food spoiling if it goes several hours uncooled. A few tips can help you prepare for the season and know what to do in the event of an outage.

Begin by ensuring that you have refrigerator thermometers in your fridge and freezer. That’s the most ideal method to figure out whether the temperature is sufficiently cold in those appliances to ensure the food will not succumb to bacterial growth and become ruined. The freezer should always be at or below 0° F, and the fridge should remain at or below 40° F.

In the freezer, be sure to group food. A freezer that’s full ensures the food stays colder longer versus a partially loaded freezer. A full freezer will hold food frozen for 48 hours if it remains unopened, but good may only remain cold for 24 hours if the freezer is half full.

The dry ice or block ice will hold food as cold as possible in both appliances. About fifty pounds of dry ice will accommodate an 18 cubic foot freezer and keep it cool for about two days provided it’s been fully stocked.

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