How To Make Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream

Liquid nitrogen ice cream is sweeping across the nation as one of the hottest new food trends. By now you’ve probably seen it making its appearance at different events and festivals wowing, everyone that tries the frosty freeze. If you’re ready to try your hand at using liquid nitrogen for making desserts, here are some need-to-know tidbits to get you started.

What is Liquid Nitrogen?

Liquid nitrogen is an odorless, colorless, and tasteless element that is often used in food and industrial applications because of its extreme cooling properties. It can instantly freeze many things, making it ideal for making ice cream. 

What is Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream? 

Liquid nitrogen ice cream starts off the same as making traditional ice cream. However, instead of using a hand churn or an electric ice cream maker, food grade liquid nitrogen is poured over the ice cream base. Since liquid nitrogen is so much colder than a regular freezer, once it is poured over the ice cream base the process of creating ice cream happens much quicker than going the traditional route.  It also eliminates the need for rock salt and some other ingredients because the reaction happens so quickly. 

How to Make Ice Cream Using Liquid Nitrogen

The process for making this ice cream is extremely simple. There are many recipes for making ice cream with liquid nitrogen. All you need to do is get a large metal bowl and pour in your ice cream base. You can choose any base flavor you like, or create something all your own. Once you have your base flavor in the bowl, it’s time to start adding the liquid nitrogen. You will need to pour the nitrogen very slowly while also gently mixing the base. Pouring the liquid nitrogen too quickly can result in splashing of the contents, which can cause harmful burns from the extreme cold so please use caution. Move slowly and keep stirring to ensure that the mixture stays smooth and creamy as you go. The general rule when making ice cream with liquid nitrogen is, the more nitrogen is added, the more firm the ice cream becomes. 

Benefits of Liquid Nitrogen

Liquid nitrogen makes ice cream faster and more straightforward than any other method. Also, since it freezes the ingredients instantly, it creates a smoother, creamier texture and a better flavor that isn’t full of ice crystals. Finally, liquid nitrogen makes it possible to fully customize your ice cream creations because you can add or subtract ingredients to fit your mood. 

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