How Do Music Festivals Make Theatrical Smoke & Fog Special Effects?

In the heat of the moment, nothing makes a music festival as exciting as the theatrics and fog that change the mood of the space. Fog is often used to fill the air, enhancing the appearance of the lights, adding to the lasers, and even shrouding the bands in a bit of hazy mystery. Most often, these effects are created with the help of CO2. Here’s what you need to know:

What is Cryogenics?

Cryogenics as a whole has to do with the behavior of different elements in very cold temperatures. When applied to the entertainment industry, it is most often used to describe how fog and smoke are created using super-cooled liquid CO2. However, cryogenics has a wide range of applications outside of the entertainment industry as well. The study of cryogenics has a long history in the medical field but has spread to the food and beverage industry, manufacturing plants, and much more. We know that extreme cold can cause fascinating reactions with other chemicals and materials, and this has made the study of cryogenic effects particularly important over the years. Nevertheless, most people know cryogenics best because of their striking visual effects in music videos and at festivals.

How Do Music Festivals Make Theatrical Smoke and Fog Special Effects?

The actual process by which CO2 special effects are created has to do with measuring and dispensing precise quantities of liquid CO2 into the air. This is typically done by using tiny jets and a solenoid which opens or closes the port. When open, a stream of CO2 will fly up into the air, causing an instant reaction with the warm air around it. When this happens, the moisture in the ambient air condenses to form cloud-like fog. The way this fog reacts can also be changed according to the look you are going for. For instance, it can be made heavier, drawing the fog downwards toward the floor of the stage to create a strong visual effect where the stage lights land, or it can be made lighter and thinner so that it floats upward where it can create visual laser lines and more of a wispy appearance.

Is CO2 Safe to Use?

CO2 has been in use in many industries for decades. It is one of the easiest ways to create smoke and fog because it can be easily transported and stored. For bands who are traveling, liquid CO2 is far more reliable than trying to transport solid CO2 or other chemical fog alternatives. Also, there are some systems already developed an in use for creating fog using CO2, so the average user can purchase or rent a complete CO2 system and have it set up with minimal training. Just about anyone can add CO2 fog and smoke to their venue without a problem using one of these pre-built systems.

Where Can You Purchase Liquid CO2?

If you were to visit a party store, you would see small canisters of fog juice on the shelf. However, these products are not meant for big productions like music festivals. If you want to purchase a large quantity of liquid CO2 for a music festival, you will need to call on a company like VS Carbonics. VS Carbonics sells liquid CO2 by the pound in canisters that can be delivered within 24 hours of your event. They will be able to guide you through the ordering process to ensure that you purchase enough liquid CO2 for your show. They also have information regarding how to properly hook up and dispense the CO2 during the show for proper effects. When you are ready to order, it is always best to find a reliable, local company that can deliver CO2 canisters, pick them up, refill them or service them whenever you need. You do not want to risk ordering liquid CO2 from an unknown source.

VS Carbonics provides a wide range of gas canister products and services for many different industries. While our liquid CO2 is perfect for creating fog and smoke at your next big show, we also have a strong track record of serving the food and beverage industry, so your vendors can start serving nitro beer at your shows as well! No matter what kind of industrial gases you need, we can have them on a truck and delivered to you in no time at all. We can also set up a long-term schedule if you need regular refills for your venue or bar. Call today to schedule your first delivery.