Fun Uses for Dry Ice

Provided it’s used and handled safely and correctly, there are lots of interesting ways to get creative with dry ice. For example, you’ve probably seen it used to create fog-like effects during presentations or parties. This is only one of its many uses, however.

Have you ever considered making a dry ice crystal ball? Grab a bowl or cup and carefully place a piece of dry ice in it. Using a damp towel with bubble solution, simply pull a towel across the bowl or cup. The result will be a large bubble that looks a lot like a crystal ball. Speaking of bubbles, freeze a bubble of soap over some dry ice. The bubble appears to float over dry ice. You may even able to pick it up and take a closer look at the bubble.

Too tired to inflate balloons for the celebration? Use a small piece of dry ice, place it inside the balloon, and watch as the balloon inflates itself. Be careful, though. If the piece of dry ice is too large, it may cause the balloon to pop!

Again, as you’re trying these experiments, always make sure that you take the necessary precautions and handle dry ice safely and properly.

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