Dispelling Myths Surrounding Liquid Nitrogen

As time passes, myths may develop around certain things, and liquid nitrogen is no exception. For example, there may be a belief that it is poisonous. To put it simply, no, liquid nitrogen is not poisonous. Let’s elaborate on this a bit.

Indeed, liquid nitrogen isn’t something you come across each day, which may make people think it isn’t safe. While it does require proper and safe handling, it’s worth remembering that nitrogen is always around. The nitrogen element constitutes over seventy percent of the Earth’s atmosphere. That means that the air you’re breathing into your lungs is largely composed of nitrogen gas, not the oxygen that is ever common. In other words, you’re already breathing and consuming nitrogen.

Liquid nitrogen begins as air. The air must be cooled to a very low temperature to remove nitrogen from the air before it turns into a liquid. The liquid consists of nitrogen, oxygen, argon and other gases present in the air you breathe into your lungs each day. The liquid nitrogen is then isolated from the remainder of the elements using advanced science techniques.

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