Celebrate Art Basel in Miami with VS Carbonics!

For four exciting days in December, Miami Beach becomes an international epicenter of contemporary art during Art Basel, welcoming more than 70,000 visitors every year. Artists, collectors, curators, and art enthusiasts alike gather with the celebrities and socialites of Miami Beach, coming together for one art-filled long weekend. During the day, hundreds of galleries will present the best works of more than 4,000 artists from across the globe, including paintings, photography, installations, sculptures, film, digital art, and video.

Art Basel: Where, When, and What

With a nearly endless collection of incredible art pieces from international artists, Art Basel presents a unique opportunity to experience art on a global scale – all within the four walls of the Miami Beach Convention Center. Invitation-only access begins Wednesday, December 5th, and the doors open to the public on Thursday, December 6th. Although guided tours are available daily, you can also make the most of your visit with just a bit of planning beforehand.

Art Basel will have the art of thousands of international artists on display, so it’s best to allow yourself plenty of time to browse. Unique sections like “Positions,” which gives the spotlight to a major project from a budding artist, should absolutely be on your can’t-miss list. Other interesting sectors include “Survey” (focused on art historical projects) and “Nova” (exhibiting never-before-seen pieces), as well as a series of public panels led by prominent members of the art world.

Art Basel After PartiesThe Real Celebration

For most of the four-day event, Art Basel closes its doors at the eight o’clock hour – but that doesn’t mean the festivities are anywhere near over. With so many visitors flowing through Miami Beach, including many of the world’s well-known artists, collectors, socialites, and celebrities, the nightlight scene is buzzing with exciting events and Art Basel celebrations.  A mix of exclusive get-togethers, laidback lounges, and local hot spots offer a wide variety of nighttime stops, and it’s likely that you’ll run into more than a few of the members of Art Basel’s “it crowd.”

Follow up your day of gorgeous art with an equally stunning cocktail at LIV at the Fontainebleau, which will be hosting one of the weekend’s biggest after parties. Thanks to VS Carbonics, a leading provider of liquid nitrogen for Miami’s hottest nightclubs including LIV, you can enjoy a number of cocktails that are just as impressive and eye-catching as the Art Basel exhibitions.

LIV is a fixture in the Miami Beach night scene, with more than a decade of serving as one of the most exclusive clubs in the area. It’s been completely renovated just in time for the Art Basel festivities, so even if you’re a frequent partier at LIV, you’ll be experiencing something completely new. LIV’s Art Basel after party will feature some of the biggest names in the music industry, including A-list DJs like Calvin Harris, Kaskade, David Guetta, and Tiesto. Toast to the all-star lineup with an incredible cocktail then hit the dance floor and party it up with Miami Beach’s most beautiful.

For more information about Art Basel in Miami Beach or to purchase tickets online, visit the Art Basel website. Or, learn more about VS Carbonics and their role in the incredible Miami Beach nightlight scene by visiting their website