A Simple Way to Make Some Dry Ice Bubbles

Provided it’s handled safely and correctly, dry ice can be used in different creative ways. We previously mentioned how you can have a little fun with some bubbles and today we’ll be elaborating on this a little more. Here is what you’ll need.

  • Protective eyewear such as goggles
  • A smooth-rimmed cup or glass jar with some inches of water on the bottom
  • Dry ice (make sure not to touch with it your bare hands)
  • An old t-shirt or towel
  • Either homemade or store-bought bubble solution

To make the bubbles, grab the towel or t-shirt and soak it in the solution of bubbles. Make sure to wring it out a bit and then drag it across the rim or the jar or container. You should notice a bubble begin to form full of the gas. The effect is really cool and the bubbles can get quite large before they pop and the gas is released. You’ll be able to make multiple bubbles as long as the solution doesn’t mix with the water on the bottom of the container too much.

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