What’s Co2 All About?

As a leading Co2 supplier in Miami, we know the ins and outs of this gas. If you’re thinking about working with Co2, let’s take a look at how it is commonly used and why it may be better suited for your needs compared to other gases.

Co2 is used across a broad spectrum of industries, like food and beverage industries, welding facilities, plants dedicated to water treatment, and lots more. Co2 is used in most situations to extend the freshness of certain products or to avoid products from breaking down upon being exposed to the elements. Co2 is highly effective in freezing, storing and pressurizing a large array of products utilized by consumers.

As a natural gas produced by virtually all living things on the planet, Co2 can be used safely in a multitude of applications where other gases may prove risky or even dangerous. Think of common products purchased every day by consumers like carbonated beverages, for instance. Furthermore, reputable CO2 suppliers can easily deliver fresh supplies of Co2 each day to maintain product consistency.

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