What is Carbon Dioxide Used For?

Carbon dioxide is a common gas used in a variety of industries. While most people recognize it for carbonated beverages, it has a wide range of applications inside and out of the food and beverage industry. Here we present some interesting ways to use carbon dioxide that you may not already know.

Uses of Carbon Dioxide

  • For Electronics Assembly

Circuit boards must be kept impeccably clean for the connections to be safe and effective. Many electronic assembly plants use carbon dioxide gas to gently clean their boards during the assembly process and to ensure that all dust and debris is kept away.

  • Oil Extraction

The oil industry widely uses carbon dioxide to increase the yield of oil extraction sites. By using gas jets to apply bursts of carbon dioxide between the layers of the well, it is possible to drastically speed up the extraction process and increase the yield. This makes oil more cost effective and available.

  • Pressurization

A wide array of toys, tools and medical devices rely upon carbon dioxide for simple pressurization. Whether you are playing with an airsoft gun or need pressure, carbon dioxide is typically the most cost-effective and safe way to apply that pressure. It is also widely available so you can rely on it long term.

  • Fire Extinguishing

CO2 is an important means of extinguishing fires. Since fires rely upon oxygen to continue burning, a burst of CO2 can disrupt the burning cycle and extinguish the flame. CO2 fire extinguishers are widely available to consumers and businesses and are most effective at extinguishing low-temperature fires such as paper and wood combustibles.

  • Welding

Similar to the electronics industry, CO2 acts as a cleansing agent for welders. This ensures that the weld is clean and strong. Without CO2 on the weld, the seam can become dirty and brittle, which makes it likely to break later on. CO2 is gently blown onto the weld site to keep the weld clean.

These are just some of the most common places where we find carbon dioxide today. These uses for carbon dioxide are widely known and accepted as best industry practices. If your company needs carbon dioxide today, give VS Carbonics in Miami a call and see how we can help you with sustainable local deliveries of the industrial gases you need.