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Use the Power of Dry Ice in Your Restaurant

If you own a restaurant, you understand the importance of keeping a close eye on your inventory to minimize the chances of running out of a food item or an important ingredient. While food and ingredients are essential, one important thing you may not have paid much attention to is dry ice.

Let’s say your restaurant is running smoothly, tables are packed and you’re raking in the profits. Suddenly, the freezer decides to stop working because of something like a power surge or blackout. What happens to the all-important perishables stored in the freezer? A potentially effective solution in this regard is dry ice, which can preserve freezer perishables and ensure beverages will remain cold.

Unlike the ice comprised of frozen water you’re accustomed to seeing or using, dry ice is composed of frozen carbon dioxide, which upon unfreezing, sublimates away. The dry ice cleanup is, therefore, super simple. Then again, normal ice melts back to water at room temperature, resulting in a runny mess that makes cleanup harder and also increases the risk of having customers or staff trip and fall.

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