The Power of Liquid Nitrogen

Liquid nitrogen is amazingly versatile and it has a broad range of applications. For example, as a way to quickly freeze food and drinks, or to create a stunning cloud of vapor or fog when exposed to air, restaurants have often relied on it. However, as we’ve stated in the past and are stating once again, liquid nitrogen must be handled with the utmost care as it can also be dangerous. It has no odor, no color, nor a particular taste.

Liquid nitrogen also has a high evaporation expansion ratio – one liter of liquid nitrogen will result in around 700 liters of air, and only a relatively small amount of liquid nitrogen needs to evaporate in a room to create an atmosphere where oxygen may be lacking. As a result of the boil-off of nitrogen gas, pressure can build up in a sealed container, so isolated vacuum-jacketed pressure containers are typically used for storage purposes.

It is also important that all of the liquid has evaporated thoroughly prior to using any food or drink prepared with liquid nitrogen. By keeping in mind these tips and ensuring that liquid nitrogen is being used safely and properly, you may find it to be an incredibly versatile addition to your business.

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