Cryogenic Cooling & Foodstuffs Freezing

With evolving customer preferences and the effects of globalization going on, many food processors remain focused on modernization and maintaining a close eye on costs to reduce the effect of rising prices on their profit margins for raw materials, fuel, and consumables.

Cryogenic Cooling Process

Processes involving cryogenic cooling, (i.e.: utilizing liquid nitrogen or liquid carbon dioxide for freezing and cooling needs) remain pivotal in food production as cryogenics can produce excellent results, solving many food safety issues and reducing the chances of food spoilage that may affect various products.

Using liquid nitrogen to freeze has a multitude of advantages over mechanical ones. For example, the quality of the product itself may be better as the smaller ice crystals result in improved thawing. There is also plenty of flexibility in regards to product changeover configurations.

Liquid Nitrogen

Should you need liquid nitrogen for food storage or transporting it safely, please do not hesitate to contact VS Carbonics. We offer several different gases for a multitude of uses, including making the ever popular liquid nitrogen ice cream and more.

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