Consider Dry Ice for Major Fire Damage Cleaning

Dry ice has proved to be an incredibly versatile tool, but can it also be used for fires? Following a fire, there is still much to be done. The cleaning process usually involves having to take care of the after effects like soot, for instance. Dry ice can substantially assist with the cleaning process.

As opposed to conventional cleaning methods, dry ice can dramatically reduce the amount of time necessary to clean. It can also be safely used on a multitude of surfaces such as plumbing fixtures, with caution of course. One of the peskier things of cleaning up following a fire is getting rid of the lingering odors that seem to stick around. These odors can be eliminated in about 24 hours when cleaning with dry ice.

Besides odors and cutting down on cleaning time, dry ice reduces the chances of dealing with secondary waste and it is not abrasive.

As one of the leading suppliers of dry ice in South Florida, we can supply it for your cleaning project or other needs such as keeping perishable items cool for an extended period. Please contact us for more information.

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