Clean Efficiently With Dry Ice

With the food and beverage industry, sanitation is imperative. Keeping food surfaces clean is an essential aspect of running a compliant business while also reinforcing that providing high-quality food products is a priority.

Depending on the chemicals used to clean food surfaces, they could unintentionally affect the taste or quality of the food. For those seeking a potentially more effective solution, there is the option of using dry ice.

Dry ice has no color, it does not produce an odor some may find unpleasant, there is no water involved, and it is non-toxic, which means there is little to no risk of tainting food or risking safety. When used properly, it can get rid of grease, oil, dust, and even flour that may be caked onto items like mixers. Furthermore, there may not be a need to disassemble equipment since dry ice is capable of cleaning in place. This advantage means food workers may not need to perform risky procedures such as manually wiping down sharp blades by hand, which is a risky move that can lead to serious injury.

Some of the food industry sectors that can benefit from dry ice and its cleaning capabilities include bakeries, tortilla manufacturers, dairy product manufacturing, coffee roasters, and many more. Its ability to effectively clean is yet another example of how versatile dry ice can be depending on what your needs may involve.

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