A Great Beer Is the Right Blend of Gases

When used together, nitrogen and CO2 result in a type of carbonation commonly used with making beer. The CO2 is responsible for the carbonation while the nitrogen gives it a creamy texture. The molecules from the nitrogen will create the small bubbles that give the beer its instantly recognizable foamy appearance.

To prevent over carbonation, it’s important to pay close attention to the gas blends so that they don’t instantly foam upon pouring. At the same time, under carbonation means that the beer has a greater risk of becoming flat. Hence, it’s important to find just the right balance. On that note, we also know that nitrogen is an important part of creating the pleasant creamy feeling by separating the bubbles and making the beer flow more smoothly.

Attaining the right gas blend is vital to the flavor and consistency of your beer. A smooth, heady beer is one that receives balanced CO2 and nitrogen infusion. VS Carbonics provides pre-mixed gas mixes to ensure the appealing look of your beer as well as its distinct, appealing taste.

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