A Few Advantages of Dry Ice

In an enclosed climate, ice can ensure that perishable food and beverage products will stay for extended periods at low temperatures. When mechanical refrigeration is not an option, ice is an important component of both food storage and transport.

Dry ice provides superior cooling and longevity. A single large block of ice can cool for as long as 24 hours in a vented cooler before requiring replacement. Regular ice, on the other hand, can begin to melt in just three to four hours. Since it’s made from liquefied carbon dioxide gas that has been frozen to extremely low temperatures of -109.3F, dry ice’s exceptionally cold temperature allows packaged frozen products to stay in a frozen state for extended periods. Hence, for food items like ice cream, dry ice is essential.

Another advantage dry ice has over regular ice is in food storage and transport. Besides causing the items being transported from becoming warmer as the regular ice melts, water will begin to accumulate within containers, potentially resulting in leakage. Dry ice evaporates into a gas through a process called sublimation which allows the container to remain free of water even after several hours.

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