4 Surprising Ways to Use Dry Ice

When most people think of dry ice, they remember spooky haunted houses filled with fake fog, but dry ice has a place in many other venues. There are many interesting uses for dry ice that range from very practical to more eccentric. Here are some surprising ways to use dry ice day-to-day:


Dry ice is the perfect solution for extended camping trips. It can be used in place of regular ice to keep food colder for longer periods of time. Plus, dry ice will not melt and leave you with soggy foods. Instead, it slowly produces gas which can easily be vented without making a mess. Dry ice can also be far more cost-effective than stopping to purchase fresh bags of ice on the road.

Flash Freezing Fish and Sushi

Everybody knows that fish is best served fresh. Often restaurants and buffets leave fish and sushi products out on a bed of ice for customers to see their colorful displays. We’re here to tell you that dry ice is a better way. It will keep the fish colder and fresher while requiring less work to keep the ice tray full.

Creating Fog

Fog can be used for a wide range of purposes. While we mostly see it used in theatrical environments, it can also be used to demonstrate light dispersion, making laser lines visible in the air. A tiny bit of dry ice in a bowl can create a beautiful foggy effect along the ground, that slowly builds up.

Freezing Fruit

If you often purchase fresh fruit but need to freeze a portion of it, you’re in luck. Placing fruit in your regular freezer usually causes the fruit to break down slightly as it freezes and unthaws. With dry ice, you can flash freeze your fruit instantly and prevent the slow degradation of the fruit’s flavor and texture. If you pick produce from your garden, this makes it possible to save more throughout the year.

The next time someone asks you what dry ice is used for, you can explain all of the various uses of this substance. VS Carbonics offers dry ice deliveries in Miami of any size to customers of all kinds. Now you can order your dry ice directly from us for your fresh foods, camping trips, and more. We provide daily or weekly deliveries so you won’t have to worry about running out, or you can purchase a one time supply for your big trip.